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lunes, 10 de septiembre de 2012

Misa Rolf Wittmer

El día de mañana, 11 de Septiembre de 2012, se cumple un año de la muerte de Rolf Wittmer. Con este motivo invitamos a todos nuestros amigos a acompañarnos en la misa que se llevará a cabo a las 18h00 en La Iglesia La Dolorosa. El día Sábado 15 de Septiembre tendremos otra misa en Floreana y una visita al cementerio

lunes, 20 de febrero de 2012

Rolf Wittmer Dock inaugurated in Floreana

Governor Jorge Torres and Director Paola Gálves during the ceremony

On Sunday February 19, the Ministry of Tourism inaugurated the “Rolf Wittmer Dock” in Floreana Island. The National Manager of Tourism Management Paola Gálvez, the Province Director María Auxiliadora Farías, the Governor of the Province Jorge Torres and the President of Floreana’s board Max Freire assisted to the event.

The ceremony had interesting words by Max Freire and María Auxiliadora Farías made a speech next. After this, Jorge a. Mahauad, representative of the Wittmer family uncovered a plate and monument. The ceremony proceeded with speeches from Jorge Torres and Paola Gálves.

The Rolf Wittmer Dock was an offering made by the Minister of Tourism Freddy Ehlers on June 2, 2011 in an event organized to recognize Rolf’s personal and business trajectory in the islands.  

Se inaugura el "Muelle Rolf Wittmer" en Floreana

El día Domingo 19 de Febrero, el Ministerio de Turismo inauguró el Muelle Rolf Wittmer en Floreana. A la sesión asistieron la subsecretaria de Gestión Turística Msc. Paola Gálvez y la Directora Provincial Lcda. María Auxiliadora Farías; junto con el Gobernador de la Provincia, Tec Jorge Torres y el Presidente de la Junta Parroquial de Floreana, Tec Max Freire.

La ceremonia inagural constó de interesantes palabras del Señor Max Freire seguido de la intervención de María Auxiliadora Farías. Posteriormente, Jorge A. Mahauad, representante de la familia Wittmer develó la placa y monumento. La ceremonia procedió con palabras del Gobernador Jorge Torres y concluyó con una intervención de la Subsecretaria de Gestión Turística.

El muelle de Floreana lleva el nombre de Rolf Wittmer por un compromiso realizado por el Señor Ministro de Turismo Freddy Ehlers el día 2 de Junio de 2011, durante un evento realizado como homenaje a su trayectoria personal y empresarial.

martes, 10 de enero de 2012

NO tsunami in the coasts of Galapagos and Ecuador

Diario La Hora, Ecuador

A 7.3 degree earthquake in Ritcher scale was registered at 18:37:01 (UTC) in Indonesia. Depth was 29km. 

According to the United States Geological Service (USGS), the earthquake was located in the occidental coast of Sumatra. After the earthquake the Indonesian government declared a Tsunami alert. On the other hand, the Tsunami Vigilance Center of NOAA discarded the alert and issued a communication stating that “based on the historical data for earthquakes and tsunamis, there is not alert for a highly big and destructive tsunami alert.” 

The Oceanographic Institute of Ecuador (INOCAR) discarded a tsunami in the coasts of Galapagos and Ecuador.

domingo, 1 de enero de 2012

2012 a special year for the Wittmers

Rolf Wittmer was born on the night of January 1, 1933, no one really knows the time at night. He was the first man whose birth was historically documented in Floreana, a lonely Island lost in the Pacific. He was many things and he finally passed away on September 11, 2011. Today we remember his 78 years among us; a time in which he made a difference in history and the lives of the people who knew him. 2012 is a year in which we will commemorate 80 years of the Wittmer Family in Floreana, 30 years of the Foundation of Rolf Wittmer Turismo and the first anniversary of his death.

The first photo ever published of Rolf. It appeared in a newsparer in Germany in 1933. 

domingo, 18 de diciembre de 2011

Rolf Wittmer's Christmas event in Amazonas State School

On Wednesday December 14,  Margarita Wittmer, Enrique Wittmer, Charles Wittmer, Jorge Antonio, Javier and Eduardo Mahauad Wittmer and Joseline Rhor  we went to Floreana for the annual Christmas party organized by the Rolf Wittmer Foundation in Amazonas State School. 

The members of the Foundation left Santa Cruz at about 15h00 and arrived in Puerto Velasco Ibarra at about 17h00. The afternoon was spent wrapping gifts, sharing dinner and wine, putting together fabric flowers for the cementery and talking about late Capt. Rolf Wittmer.

Joseline, Margarita & Eduardo wrap presents

Erika, Joseline, Margarita and Jorge combining flowers

 Early on December 15, Rolf’s children and grand children made a visit to the local graveyard to decorate Rolf’s final resting place and decide on future actions to make the place more comfortable. A big number of tourists have started to visit the graveyard since Rolf’s passing in September 11, 2011.

Margarita at Rolf's grave with Pajas in the background
At 9h30, the group started the annual Christmas party. This time the Foundation found important to support family values and decided to play a movie for supporting such message. During the movie, snacks, sodas and ice cream were served to the participating children. Ice cream is particularly appreciated in Floreana. 

Jorge Antonio saying hello to the children

Charles and Joseline, the "Food and beverage support team"

After the movie ended, Santa Claus made an appearance and sang Carols s with them. Santa delivered handpicked and personalized gifts for every child in the school. After that, Charles, Jorge, Eduardo and Javier spent some time playing soccer with the boys while the rest watched.

Eduardo singing Carols

Saying bye to Santa (Javier in costume)

The game, Amazonas 7 - Foundation 2

Eduardo explains and "socializes" a new project for January 2012

All photos by Enrique Wittmer

The Foundation members made it safely to Santa Cruz at about 17h00 of December 15.  Many exciting projects are envisioned by the Foundation Members for 2012. The intention is to have Rolf’s name endure though time and be regarded as a patron of Floreana, Sustainable Tourism and creative, fair business models that create wealth for all involved. More on this in January 2012.

domingo, 23 de octubre de 2011

A religious service to commemorate a month of the passing of Rolf Wittmer is being held today at 10h30 in Iglesia La Dolorosa (Quito). Family and friends are welcome to join.

Un servicio religioso para conmemorar un mes de la muerte de Rolf Wittmer se llevará a cabo el día de hoy a las 10h30 en le Iglesia La Dolorosa (Quito). Familia y amigos son bienvenidos.